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Michael Olesker of Jmore magazine.

Michael Olesker of Jmore magazine.

Jmore Magazine, July 2018

In his review, Baltimore's preeminent commentator, Michael Olesker, writes in Jmore magazine:  "Gilden’s a hometown guy who’s done his homework, and he’s written with style and clarity...."  Read the entire review here:

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Jack Gilden and “Mad Dog” Chris Russo

Jack Gilden and “Mad Dog” Chris Russo

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Library Journal, August 2018

"The author does a fine job of re-creating the Colts' fierce rivalry with Vince Lombardi's Packers and presents well-rounded portaits of Shula, Unitas, and other principals such as owner Carroll Rosenbloom, and players Tom Matte and Raymond Berry . . . .  Very much worth reading."

-- --   John Maxymuk for Library Journal


Inside Pressbox, August 2018

First televised interview for "Collision of Wills" on Inside Pressbox with hosts Gary Stein and Baltimore's legendary sports personality, Stan "The Fan" Charles.


Baltimore Magazine, September 2018

"No quarterback-coach combination had a more profound impact on the NFL than Baltimore Colts quarterback Johnny Unitas and legendary head coach Don Shula... The book well chronicles their deeply intertwined careers, including substantial interviews with former Colts greats.", August 2018

In-depth interview with Nestor Aparicio, longtime Baltimore sports commentator and CEO of, radio and social media.

The famous "After Hours" journalist, Amy Lawrence, interviews Jack Gilden about the mysteries of the Johnny Unitas and Don Shula relationship on her national talk show. [Click above to play]

Interview on Fox 5 WTTG, Washington DC, August 26, 2018

Author Jack Gilden discusses his book, Collision of Wills: Johnny Unitas, Don Shula and the Rise of the Modern NFL on WTTG in Washington, DC – August 26, 2018

105.7 "The Fan"/Baltimore, August 2018


Jack Gilden Interview

Scott Garceau and Jeremy Conn of Sports Radio 105.7 talk to author Jack Gilden, about his new book, Collision of Wills. CLICK BELOW

Hosts Scott Garceau and Jeremy Conn ask the questions and elicit long-lost stories from Collision of Wills about the roots of conflict between Johnny Unitas and Don Shula. 


WMAR Channel 2/Midday Maryland, August 2018

Interview on Channel 2's popular Midday Maryland segment. 

Jmore Magazine, September 2018

Profile by the veteran Baltimore sports writer, Jeff Seidel.


Baltimore Post-Examiner, September, 2018

Review of "Collision of Wills" in the Baltimore Post-Examiner by Michael Olesker:  “Collision of Wills” takes us beyond the playing field," Olesker writes. "It’s about Unitas and Shula, yes, but it’s also about the swaggering new breed of jocks."  Read the full review here.


Publishers Weekly, September 2018

“Journalist Gilden expertly captures the heady days of the Baltimore Colts in an entertaining profile of Johnny Unitas and Don Shula, who were part of one of the NFL’s most exciting and winningest teams….”


Downtown with Rich Kimball Show/Bangor, Maine, September 2018

Audio review by Bruce Pratt on WZON AM 620 Bangor, ME. “A really, really good book.” “Erudite.” “The writing is superb.”


The Baltimore Jewish Times, September, 2018

The story of the writer behind the story in one of the nation’s oldest Jewish publications.


Sport in American History, October 2018

Review by veteran journalist Bob D’Angelo, Cox Media Group’s digital national content editor.


New Books Network, October 2018

In-depth podcast interview with veteran south-Florida football writer Bob D’Angelo.


Next to the Aisle, October 2018

Q&A interview with a British blogger and fan of American professional football, Jamie Garwood.


Downtown with Rich Kimball and Bruce Pratt, October 2018

On-air interview for the SportsLit 101 segment on the famed Bangor, Maine radio station.


University of Nebraska Press Blog, October 2018

Blog “From the Desk of Jack Gilden” about how his book is not only about the tension between to NFL superstars but also about the tension the author felt between categorization and contextualization. Click here to check it out:


The Beacon, November 2018

Personality profile of Jack Gilden by the veteran journalist Carol Sorgen. Click here to check it out:


Good Seats Still Available Podcast, October 2018

This Illinois-based podcast, hosted by Tim Hanlon, is all about sports the way they used to be. Click here to check it out:


Mad Dog Radio/Sirius XM November 7, 2018

Jack Gilden visits the studio of of New York’s sports talk radio king, Mad Dog Chris Russo, for a wide-ranging interview.


The Peter King Podcast December 12, 2018

America’s preeminent football writer, NBC Sports’ Peter King, interviews Jack Gilden about researching and writing “Collision of Wills.” Click on the link to listen:


NBC Sports’ Football Morning in America, December 24, 2018

America’s most famous football writer discusses his favorite selection from “Collision of Wills.”


WBAL TV/Baltimore, May 18, 2019

Preakness Day broadcast with Debra Weiner and Gerry Sandusky to discuss the history of Pimlico Race Course and the future of horse racing in Baltimore.